First comes love, then comes marriage…

The Man and I met over 3 years ago.  Our love story isn’t as pretty as one that Disney might concoct.  He thought I was hot (duh, silly boy!) and I wanted a dinner date.  Romantic, right?  It worked out in our favor: I chose a smoking top and he chose a great restaurant – the rest is history.  Last April we made it official and spent a fortune on our wedding.  It was fantastic and beautiful and perfect and all that sappy jazz.  But all us married folk know the real story starts AFTER the honeymoon is over!  (The honeymoon – remind me to post about that one because it was amazing!!!!)

I was laying in bed the other night, not sleeping of course because Baby W never lets me sleep anymore, and I was contemplating life.  I tried to feel all love-y looking at The Man, sound asleep next to me (he is fortunate to NOT have a bulging belly filled with an overly anxious child ready to meet the world).  In movies people gaze at their slumbering lovers and smile.  But in the real world?  I was looking at him snoring (so hot), sheets up to his chin.. Beyond him, the room was a mess – I swear I will get to putting all that laundry away!  My thoughts quickly turned to, “Oh my God! Is this for real?  Is this my life forever?”  Now, don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t panicking because it was The Man there laying next to me, or because we all know that laundry is never ever ending.  I was more amazed than panicked.  4 years ago had I woken up in the middle of the night with The Man laying next to me, snores and all, I would have freaked!   But look at how quickly our minds and bodies adapt to change.  Since then my mind and body have adapted to a change in my life that now includes him, in fact, I can no longer visualize a future without him.

Try this tonight with your significant other:  touch them, and not in some crazy way, you freak!  I mean something simple like allowing your foot to rest on their leg under the sheets, or your hand on their shoulder.  Does it feel awkward because I am instructing you to do so?  Get over it.  Look beyond that and feel how natural it feels to touch someone that maybe just a few months or years back you would have backed away from.   How beautiful is it that our bodies instruct us to not only be ok, but embrace the touch of another individual.  How beautiful that were my body physically ends, his picks back up to form a continuous joint form?  My life is his life and his is mine.

Aw, now look at me – I got all love-y dove-y after all!

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Look at that love

Look at that love


One thought on “First comes love, then comes marriage…

  1. I remember the moment you are talking about, thinking, oh my God! Is this for real? Marriage and parenting are both gifts and challenges. Good luck with both! I like your writing. 🙂

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