Getting Started – All About Me

I have played with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time, but with so many blogs out there, who will ever take the time to read mine?  My conclusion?  It doesn’t really matter!  If you happened to stumble on my page, welcome!  If I coerced you to read it, thank you for obliging!

Let me tell you all about me:  I am close to reaching that first dreaded age group shift – the 20s are soon to be a thing of my past.  I am married to The Man.  I have two boys, Baby G and Baby D, and in just over 6 weeks, I will have another boy, Baby W!  Do you see why my blog page is entitled “No Pretty In Pink Here”?  All I have known for over 9 years now is blue, green, monsters, dinosaurs, Ben 10, blasting video games, football, baseball, basketball..the list is endless but does not include the color pink.

I was raised in Europe – a key point to understanding why many of my views are considerably liberal, but alternately, my family values are very traditional.  I believe in home cooked meals served at the table on a tablecloth, every day.  I believe in lazy Sundays after church. I believe in I love you’s and in kissing.  But I do not believe in baby talk – there are no boo boos or passies in my home.  I teach the right word from the start – affection and discipline; chaos and order.

My goal with this blog is to recount the ordinary happenings of life: birthday parties, school events, marital successes and struggles, pet drama…  The ordinary is exactly what makes the world go round, after all.

Enjoy reading,

The Woman


Here we are!


One thought on “Getting Started – All About Me

  1. My wife probably shares in your lack of pink. We have two boys with a third (not finding out what we’re having).

    Congrats on starting your blog. It’s exciting but also a lot of work. Just a recommendation, make sure you provide social media buttons so folks can follow you – Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s a great way to connect and find an audience for your content. Happy writing!

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